Femdemic is OUT NOW!


Hey everyone, Today is a special day in my life. Femdemic has been released to Steam and itch.io, and I can (in theory) look at it with a calm mind that does not have to scream and hope that the game makes back its development costs. Today, I can release a game for a niche […]

V0.5.2 Progress Report


Hey everyone,if you’re reading this I’m currently in Bangkok on my family holidays. Tomorrow we’ll take another plane to Denpansar to spend the next two weeks in Bali. I’ll be back in Germany at the beginning of October, and will finish v0.5.2 for a mid month Alpha release. As you may have already seen, I […]

BMO TV – v0.5.1 Progress Report


Hey everyone,it’s the beginning of the next month and I’m so thankful for all of you who are still here once again. We have a record-breaking month behind us and I’m so grateful. I was expecting to never reach these amounts of income, so the stretch goals that we’re seeing right now were jokes at […]

State-Funding for Kinky Demons


The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW (Film & Media Fund Northrine-Westphalia) is giving Rel.Pink 20.000€ to create a concept document for the upcoming game Kinky Demons. It’s a sex-positive action game, that’s located in a modern fantasy world, where demons have taken over. On Discord, I have described it as a direct sequel to BMO TV […]

BMO TV – v0.5.0 Progress Report

Bmo tv v0.5.0 Maid Chateau Legends

Hey everyone, we’re right on schedule for the next progress report. It’s version 0.5.0 coming up, introducing the final contestant Ally’s quest and a ton of other stuff. I wish I’d be a bit further in the development than I am so that the release in two weeks would be less stressful, but that’s just […]

BMO TV – v0.4.6 Progress Report


Hey everyone, it’s time again for telling you about v0.4.6, which is coming very soon. First thing I have to say is, that I’m not as deep into the programming as I was the last time. Release is in two weeks, and I’m really far behind on stuff. It’s also related to all of the […]

BMO TV – v0.4.5 Progress Report


[NSFW Warning]This post contains images depicting sexual acts. While you might be aware of the possibility of that because of the nature of the game, this hasn’t happened before on here, so please just be warned. 😉 Hey everyone,it’s time for the mid-development cycle progress report on v0.4.5. I’m still unsure where this one falls […]

BMO TV – 0.4.4 Progress Report


Hey everyone, today I thought it would be a good time to give you an overview of what’s coming to the game next month when v0.4.4 gets released. For the sake of my health, I’m taking steps for a more reasonable development cycle and am planning to release the update to Alpha around February 11th. […]

BMO TV – V0.4.3 Progress Report


Hello everyone,Christmas is just around the corner, and I hope you all enjoy all of the Christmas presents in the advent calendar. Remember that on Dec 25th everyone will be able to open all presents, including the Alpha-only packages. On that day we will also start our monthly clothing competition on Discord. We waited this […]