BMO TV – v0.4.6 Progress Report


Hey everyone,

it’s time again for telling you about v0.4.6, which is coming very soon. First thing I have to say is, that I’m not as deep into the programming as I was the last time. Release is in two weeks, and I’m really far behind on stuff. It’s also related to all of the artists not being done with the commissions at the same time. But I did get a lot of assurances that Mid May should work out… we’ll see.

Anyways, let’s take a look at what’s new in v0.4.6 around the middle of the month. As mentioned in the latest poll, this patch is about providing new content for the main story instead of the branches. When thinking about the main story, I’m not thinking about disqualifying the other contestants, but about more stuff with Erica, and new events happening when you make the other contestants your allies. And it’s also about general quality improvement.

1. Audio-Visual Upgrades

For me personally, the coolest things in this patch are the new audiovisual features. I made a tv show intro with stock video and it’s fully narrated by a voice actress. There’s also new music, and the attacks have a whole new style with a new spirale video, effects and also voices in the background. In general, there’s new music in several places.
These things are already almost done, and ready for release.

2. Latex Story

You’ve been asking for more Erica content, and you will get it. The main new TF-content for this patch will be a new latex compulsion, that will make the player want to wear more latex clothes. This will also completely replace Erica Game Overs from not doing her tasks. That was some BS, that needed to be removed. So now, you’ll instead get some fun new outfits. Not all of them are implemented yet though. I literally got the last batch of graphics an hour before sending out this post, so I quickly added the masks to the above gif, but you can expect a more complete latex suit. As you can see in the screenshot though, the underlying system for mood and compulsions is working. 

3. New Ally Content

I have planned out a lot of new ally character events for ally characters. Most are for Himari, but I might also get around to do some for Abigail as well. I haven’t started on the actual dialogs for those yet, but the base programming for an additional character affection bar is done. I have done some research on gameplay systems more like dating sims for this and we’ll see how this goes. This will be the first iteration of this new system, so I don’t want to implement too many events, so that I can still change the base system over the next months, but I do want it to work. Yeah… still a lot of work to be done in the next two weeks though.

4. New End Of Week Show

A lot of you have been asking for the implementation of another end-of-week show, and I have listened. I’m still missing most of the art for what is planned, so I don’t want to reveal too much, but I like the idea of this next show content.

5. New Garden Graphics

Check out this amazing new artwork for the garden I got a few days ago. I love everything about it. I got hung up on little details, like making the leaves move a bit and animating the lights at night a bit. So…. maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten around to writing that much yet. But I’m very happy with the result.

6. Showing Multiple Characters in Dialogs

Something that I didn’t like about the game before this patch is that we could always only have one character on screen at a time, which made dialogs with multiple characters feel less dynamic. So in this patch, I have implemented a new system that’ll allow us to display multiple characters at the same time. It is programmed in a way that it could potentially automatically work with all scenes that contain multiple scenes, but I won’t go through all of them manually for now. Once the patch is live, I hope to get your feedback on what scenes don’t work correctly yet. This is one of those changes that might not look like a big deal to you, but it will make all the difference in the long run.

There will also be a new Katelyn Graphic for the garden, but as explained above, the artists are a bit too occupied with other stuff this month and I don’t have an in-progress version of it yet. I hope I will get it before release. There will probably be a lot of artworks done in the last few days before the patch this time around, which will mean that I’ll have to highspeed program them in in the last few days. It sure will be a bit of a crunch to get all of it done in time, but I promise I’ll try to limit myself to stay healthy.

Anyways, I hope you’re as excited about the new patch as I am. After this one, we’ll get to v0.5.x which will introduce the Katelyn quests and branches, and then with v0.6.x we’ll focus on the main story full time. Until then, I hope that this patch will be a good addition to the foundation of the game.


6 thoughts on “BMO TV – v0.4.6 Progress Report”

  1. I’m trying to determine whether I should be joining on Patreon, to both support your amazing work, but also push my own preferences;
    1) do you think you would ever implement grow+ for lower body? Don’t get me wrong boobs are great, but lower would be cool. Weight gain for eating and not working out could be an alternative.
    2) have you thought about milfication/age progression content? Who doesn’t love a milf. They can get older, thicker, crave pregnancy.

  2. Enjoying so far; thanks.
    I’d like to keep my junk; even if it’s at the smallest size. Any plans on offering that as an option? Currently I am cheating votes to keep elong+ on hand to prevent losing it.

    1. A lot of People have been saying that opposite to what you’re saying, it’s too difficult to lose it. If you’re not submissive and don’t rest in the bed too much, there’s no chance of losing it.

  3. I played the game really liked it but was completely lost on what to do to get progress… Can you put a guide or something? Just so players like me can even think of completing it?

    1. there’s a walkthrough on Patreon, but just keep in mind that the game is not finished. there’s no such thing as “completing it”. there’s finding different bits of content, but that’s it.
      I’m only about half way into the development, so it’ll take a while before everything clicks together, and that is the point when it should be clearer.

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