BMO TV – v0.4.5 Progress Report


[NSFW Warning]
This post contains images depicting sexual acts. While you might be aware of the possibility of that because of the nature of the game, this hasn’t happened before on here, so please just be warned. 😉

Hey everyone,
it’s time for the mid-development cycle progress report on v0.4.5. I’m still unsure where this one falls in the development timeline. The original six-week-release-schedule plan would mean this release will enter Alpha on April 1st. The coding might be done a bit earlier than that though, but on the other hand I don’t even have all graphics yet, so the original plan is probably more reasonable than promising an earlier release. But I might try.

Anyways, there’s a ton of new stuff on the horizon. Here’s a list of all the cool new things.

1. “Legacy” System

The main feature this patch is the “Legacy” system. As you all know, the main gameplay of the game is about finding all the endings. They already unlock new clothes, but this new system will evolve this to a new level. Basically, at the end of the game you’ll be able to make permanent decisions, that will affect all future playthroughs. You’ll get a fixed amount of memory fragments, depending on the difficulty of the ending. You’ll then be able to exchange these fragments for congruence points by taking permanent debuffs. (See yellow list.) In return, you’ll get congruence points, which you can use to gain permanent buffs or items. If you’ve ever played “Legacy” board games, you’ll quickly understand what I’m talking about systems-wise.

All buffs, debuffs and items will only be applied by starting a new game, not by loading a savegame. There’s also a story linked to the system, but I don’t want to spoil too much here. There are a few graphics missing for this system.

2. Magical Girl Miniquest

The new TF content this patch is about a miniquest about Magical Girls. (All over 18 years old.) I want to stress that this is NOT a full branch like the cow or gynoid branches we had the last few patches. This is a fun short mystery side quest that will mainly be a fun way to unlock last month’s clothing competition outfit as seen here.
Still, there is some story and puzzle content here, that I hope you’ll enjoy. 

3. More Cow Branch Events

I already mentioned last patch that the cow branch events are not complete. There are still a lot of dialogs missing, e.g. the other contestant’s reactions to the transformations. In addition there will be more events in relation to the “mooing”-tf. There will be no additional tfs for that branch, but a lot more story-content. These are not written yet, so when the patch can be ready for Alpha will mostly depend on how long I’ll take me to write these events.

4. Sexual Acts Graphics

This has been a looong time in the making. The main player character art will finally get its first non-standing position. There will be no (or almost no) clothes made for this because it would completely break the amount of work needed, but I think we can just implement some random rule in the house that there shall no clothes be worn during any sexual acts.
With all the different body proportions and hairstyles, this was still pretty expensive to make. We will have more positions like this in the future, but please be aware that these are a lot of work and take a long time to get ready.

In fact, they are not completely ready yet, but Awn has promised for a full delivery this weekend. The animation is also still subject to change.

5. New Katelyn Graphics

Another thing that took a looong time. Finally, we’re getting the first graphics for Katelyn. It’s just the Standing graphics for now, but this lays the groundwork for all of her positions since the character design needed to be done in the first place.
Still, I’m very happy with the result. It’s the first character fully designed by our new second character artist, and I think she did an awesome job with the overall design.

6. New Hallway Graphics

The new room this patch is the hallway. That means we have only one final room graphic before all of the placeholder ones are replaced.

7. New Abigail Masturbation Graphics

Another new contestant graphic, that was missing. And it’s also the first that contains some sexual action that is not partly hidden. We of course had this before in the placeholder graphics, but this new version was missing since the Abigail pool graphics were remade. Anyways, I’m happy with the result.

8. Contestants Grow+ Syringe Rework

Finally, the main story dialog on Day 2 added in the last patch was saying that the effects of the syringes were supposedly a lot more extreme on the other contestants, which is why the player character is getting a lot more shots than the contestants. So we took the difficult decision to rework a lot of the old character art to align the body proportions more closely to the maximum values of the main player character. I know this will be controversial, since 50% of the player base wants bigger and the other 50% wants more natural breasts, but you can just not use the Grow+ syringes if you don’t like it. Mainly, it just makes sense story-wise though.

And that’s it. I hope you approve of the new features and are looking forwards to playing the game as much as I look forward to releasing it. The legacy system does open up a lot of new possibilities gameplay-wise, and I feel like that’s exciting.

Please also be aware that there are almost daily progress reports on Discord. Come join the community there to get more new infos every day.


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