Femdemic is OUT NOW!


Hey everyone,

Today is a special day in my life. Femdemic has been released to Steam and itch.io, and I can (in theory) look at it with a calm mind that does not have to scream and hope that the game makes back its development costs. Today, I can release a game for a niche fetish audience and just be happy. That, of course, is all thanks to you all. When I revived the BMO TV project two years ago, I did not expect it would lead me here. While game design had been my job for years before, I had almost given up the hope that I would be able to satisfy my passion for it in a way that creatively fulfills me. I was out of money. In fact, I hadn’t made back even my rent with my games for almost two years. I was so close to finding a job at some soulless big corporation. And then you all saved me and allowed me to just make art. I’m so thankful to all of you.

So… In theory, I should be calm because this launch will not break me like so many others have before, but I’m not calm at all. I’m trying my best to make this, but I still want to make the most out of it to honor your help. I have spent the last weeks crunching like crazy (I know I shouldn’t) to polish the game and to organize all of the amazing side-story releases that will accompany the launch over the next few days. I’ve written countless emails, made hundreds of variations of the banner art, and talked to the PR company daily. So now… let’s hope that this launch goes well, huh?

Of course, the work won’t stop here. The next few days will surely be stressful, but right now, it’s time to celebrate.

So a toast to all of you for making the launch of this game possible.

Everybody who contributed more than the launch price on Patreon over the past year until last month can now generate their own Steam (or itch.io key) at rel.pink. And yes, I verified myself that those also work in Germany.

And also, same as Tuesday, I have to remind you that leaving a positive review would be highly appreciated but that the Steam keys you get here will not make your review count in Steam’s eyes, which is stupid. But that’s Steam. So if you really want to help the game’s success, a review with a Steam key directly from the store would make an absolutely huge difference. But of course, I don’t expect that from anyone. You’ve earned your keys.

Alright, I’ll be back with an update in a couple of days. Until then, I hope you enjoy the final version of Femdemic.

Best, Rel

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