BMO TV – v0.5.0 Progress Report

Bmo tv v0.5.0 Maid Chateau Legends

Hey everyone, we’re right on schedule for the next progress report. It’s version 0.5.0 coming up, introducing the final contestant Ally’s quest and a ton of other stuff. I wish I’d be a bit further in the development than I am so that the release in two weeks would be less stressful, but that’s just always a given. I have almost all new features at least partially implemented, so I’m sure I’ll manage, but there’s still a ton to do. Anyways, let’s have a look at all the new main features.

1. Katelyn Ally Quest

As mentioned, just as v0.4.0 introduced the Abigail quest and v0.4.1 brought the first branch, v0.5.0 will introduce the Katelyn quest. She’s getting fed up with her need for a clean environment and asks you for help.

There’s a new layer of dirt and objects lying around on all backgrounds.

I’m also aiming at implementing the basics of the first Katelyn transformation branch, which gives this patch its name.
Not sure how much of it will be in there, but I’m trying to get halfway done as we would typically get in the .1 release. We’ll see how it goes.

2. End of Game Rework

I’ve said many times that the current endless game is not what the game is supposed to be like. The game show is supposed to end after around ten weeks of gameplay. However, it doesn’t really make sense to go deep into the development of that yet, because we don’t know exactly how the gameplay will be yet. There are still several systems not implemented yet. That’s why I wanted to push the end-of-game rework to version 0.6.0 and beyond. But… I’m a bit fed up with answering the bad reviews that say that the game has no content because they didn’t find any branches. Don’t get me wrong. It makes sense. Anyways… With this new version, I’m implementing the ending of the game. This will eventually contain tons of different endings depending on the previous results, and I will do a few with this patch. But I will not go into too much detail yet. Basically, I’m going to do some basic endings and then begin rewriting them to include all of the different outcomes and relationships at some point. Probably a lot later, like around version 0.9.0, so that we really know that all things are in there.

3. New End of Week Show

Together with the new game-ending, I’m also adding a new end-of-week show. This one will not be the consecutive one to the previously released one, but it’s kind of essential to have this one for the basic endings of the game to work. As always, I don’t want to spoil too much ahead of time. I hope you’ll be happy with the content, though.

4. New Character: Marco

Surprise! A new character will be added to the game. As you can see, Marco is a bit of a tough guy. For this one, I don’t want to spoil too much either, just that he’ll have a more significant role than, for example, the moderator. But with this patch, I’m only adding the first few interactions. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: Because of my Covid infection and some miscommunication between me and the artist in turn, I had to cut a lot of this content from the patch. It will be added to v0.5.1! Sorry about that.

5. New Sexual Act Graphics

So while sexual acts are not the main focus of the game, there are a few, and also, there are several more planned in the future. We added the BJ graphics some time ago, and now we’re back with a new position.

I’m going to add a few events where these will be shown of course, but as with the previous new position, more of these events will appear over time.

6. New Accessories

There are a ton of new accessory graphics, that I really wanted to try to implement until today so I could provide you with an awesome GIF. Well.. it’s not even half of them included and the preview images don’t work well yet, but I hope you can still see that with this patch you’ll be able to express your feminine sides even more. 

All in all, I hope you can see that this will be another super-sized update. Not sure if I’ll be able to finish everything for the Alpha release, to be honest. It’s such a massive amount of work. But.. as always, I’ll do my best and hope that you are happy with what’s to come in the next patch.

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday and my gift to her was a surprise weekend trip to an unkown location, so I’ll be off until Sunday and then the work continues on Monday.
I’ll keep you all updated on Discord where I post progress reports almost daily.

UPDATE: I returned from my trip with a covid infection and have been laying in bed all day with a fever. So sadly this update may get delayed a bit. I’ll keep you updated on Discord.

Thank you for your support,

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  1. Отразить атаку невозможно, даже когда ставишь 5 секунд на ответ. Второй раз на те же места не клеятся стикеры и не ставятся электронные платы, не понятно как совращать соперниц, если их нельзя загипнотизировать. Не понятно, что делать с мазью. Играл в версию 0.4.4.f3.

    1. Время считается в процентах от настроения. Если настроение 0, то и время на отражение – 0. Чем персонаж тупее тем больше стрелок при отражении, поэтому лучше персонажа держать умным. Каждая ловушка работает только один раз. На каждую сейчас в игре есть 3 ловушки. 2 довольно простые, 1 посложнее. Мазь нужна чтобы уменьшать жжение. Правда я играл в 0.4.5f2

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