V0.5.2 Progress Report


Hey everyone,
if you’re reading this I’m currently in Bangkok on my family holidays. Tomorrow we’ll take another plane to Denpansar to spend the next two weeks in Bali. I’ll be back in Germany at the beginning of October, and will finish v0.5.2 for a mid month Alpha release.

As you may have already seen, I have prepared a ton of substitute content. Alpha subscribers already have access to the new side project idle game “Femdemic”.

This will become available to beta users next week. I spent the last two months developing this parallel to BMO TV so I could release it to you while I’m gone. It was a lot of fun, but also pretty difficult to balance with the BMO TV patch release. It all worked out though, but of course this first release is not going to be free of bugs. You can report bugs for Femdemic on Discord, but I hope you understand that I’ll only look at the channel when I’m back from my holidays.

And then on Ocotber 1st, we have another special side release – an all new BMO Corp Side Comic. Some of you may remember the side story “Motivation for Callum” I wrote during my vacation to Italy last year. I finished the story, but then I also hired somebody to turn it into a 7-page comic. I’m really happy with the result and will release it to you in just two weeks. Here’s a little sneak peek. 

Alright, and now let’s get back to the actual progress report for v0.5.2! Some things are already done, but with my vacation, and the release being still a month off, there’s still a few graphics missing, which is why I don’t have preview images for all points this time around. However, everything should be ready for me to implement as soon as I’m back from vacation.

1. Latina Branch

As you may have already guessed from the patchtitle, the main content in v0.5.2 is the second maid branch. Next to the french maid branch, we’re adding a latina branch, that’ll complete this part of Katelyn’s cleaning arc. It’ll function much like the french version, although I’m not sure about the same language programming yet, mainly because I don’t know as much about spanish as I know about french. I had french in school for several years, but I only tried to learn spanish for a few weeks on some phone app. I’ll try it, but I’m not sure if it’ll be good enough. 

2. New End-of-Week Show

We’re also adding a new End-of-Week show, but as always, I’m not spoiling the contents. I’ll just say that it’ll be less mental, and more looks-related. Feel free to speculate, of course.

3. New Background: Bathroom

Last patch, the bedroom was moved upstairs to the new hallways, and the door in the hallway became a building site. Next patch, the door will be reopened, and finally we’ll have a bathroom in the house. But oh my, what is Himari doing in that stall? You can find out next patch.

4. More contestant sex scenes

In conjunction with the GIF from above, I have ordered sex scene graphics for all the viable contestants. We have two different poses now, and they will get reclothed as the contestants just like Himari above in the next month. I’m not sure how many events I’ll be getting ready for you next month already, but we’re going to have the ability to add them.

5. New Male Hair & Beards

If you have Alpha access, and already played “Femdemic”, you may have noticed that it contains a few different styles for the male start character. Specifically, there are more hair and facial hair styles. With v0.5.2, these will of course also be added to BMO TV. They will be one of the first things the contestants will want to get rid of though, so I’m not sure yet if a “Keep my beard until Week 10” will be possible at all. We’ll see.

6. Halloween Event

Since v0.5.2 will be released Mid-October, there definitely need to be preparations for the Halloween event. As with Easter, it should run one week before, and one week after the actual date. I don’t want to say much about the content I’m imagining, and I don’t have many graphics ready yet, but the artists have been told to deliver it to me for when I’m back from vacation.

7. New Abigail & Katelyn Kitchen Poses

I already have two replacements for old wip graphics ready for you this patch cycle. They are already implemented and working. Above you can see Abigail cutting the tomatoes in the kitchen. I think this was the last of the old Abigail graphics, if I’m not mistaken.

Another contestant that frequents the Kitchen has gotten her new graphics: Katelyn. Making a lasagne has never looked better. 😉
As you may see, she’s also not wearing the outfits you’re used to. That’s because we have replaced her maid outfit with this new one. But don’t worry. The maid outfit is not gone, just reserved for certain activities of hers.

8. New Background: Locker Room

We’re also getting a second new room this patch. The door to the locker room has been unclickable for quite a while now, so it’s time to fill that empty space. I don’t have a preview for you on that front though, since it’s still with the artist and should be ready for me to implement the day I’m back from vacation.

I’ll be honest – this all sounds like a lot, and specially so because a lot of it is not working yet. I’m giving myself two weeks after I’m back from holidays, but it might get a bit tight and I’ll need a few extra days, but it is still my plan.
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the replacement content, and I’ll see you when I’m back from Bangkok in just over two more weeks.


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