BMO TV – V0.4.3 Progress Report


Hello everyone,
Christmas is just around the corner, and I hope you all enjoy all of the Christmas presents in the advent calendar. Remember that on Dec 25th everyone will be able to open all presents, including the Alpha-only packages. On that day we will also start our monthly clothing competition on Discord. We waited this long, so everyone knows what clothes are already in the game. I am going to continue to write daily progress reports on Discord as well. So if you’re not on there yet, consider joining. It’s a lot easier to communicate with everybody, and you’ll always get the latest news ahead of time.

But for now, it’s time for an update regarding v0.4.3. Because of the holidays it will probably be available on Alpha around the beginning of January. There’s quite a bit already implemented though.

1. Gynoid Branch Completion

Maybe you recognize this banner, because I had already planned on using this for v0.4.2 but then I didn’t finish the gynoid branch as I had planned and then Christmas became such a huge focus of the update, that I changed it. Now for v0.4.3, the gynoid branch is going to get finished. I promise you that. I might have said it before, but this time I mean it. Right after Christmas I’m going to sit down and start writing and I will not stop before it’s done.

2. New Streaming Room Graphics

Last month, the TV Studio got a rework, which meant that this month the camera room kind of needed to be redrawn because it was weird going into this huge Studio to stream in front of a PC monitor. Well, here it is. It’s already in the game, and looks great. I’m really happy with our background artist on all levels. Only thing that didn’t work out so well is that I told him to make the couch look like the famous casting couch. Eh.. i guess.

3. Daily Wheel Spin

There’s a new experimental, but fun feature. You can now gain 10 votes every day by going to the TV Studio (which you can access through the right hallway), and spinning the wheel of Unfortune for some fun transformations. Obviously this will need balancing, and testing in general to see if it won’t break the gameplay loop, but I thought I’d just add it and then see what feedback you give me afterwards.

4. Background Music

Click here for a preview 

You might have read on Patreon or in the game that the next stretch goal is to hire somebody to make music for the game regularly, so I hired somebody to try out what that would look like. The result is a small collection of lo fi beats, that change depending on the main character’s mood. Of course this also meant adding a new volume slider in the settings, that controls only the music. Don’t worry. You don’t have to listen to the music if you don’t want to.

5. New Himari Graphics

Last but not least, we have our first look at the new Himari graphics in the hobby room. Obviously these are not done, but I talked to our new artist and they will definitely be done once the update hits Alpha. In addition to that, she thinks that there will be one additional set of graphics done. Maybe the Himari living room graphics. Maybe even more. We’ll see how it goes. She will take a few days off because of Christmas though.

That’s it for now. The main chunk of new content will be in the gynoid branch.
Thanks for reading, and of course for being awesome.


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